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M3LLO - What began as a conversation between two friend's discussing their interest in photography in 2016, M3LL0DRAMA evolved from being a hobby to becoming a movement amongst the black community in NYC.

Focusing my craft on capturing landscapes and lifestyle portraits, bringing other’s along to share these experiences became my objective, to create memories with friend’s actively involved instead of simply sharing photos online. From that desire, in 2018 the M3LL0WALK was born; a seasonal community- based themed photoshoot that I’ve designed to capture moments at various locations around New York, like Dumbo, Bushwick Collective & Central Park to name a few. Mello Drama, or ‘D-igital R-emnants of A-ction, M-oments, & A-rt’ is not only a form of therapy for me, but also a way to connect. My hope is to continue sharing my digital passion with the world.


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